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The Phenomenal Weight Loss Story

Rick Ross’s weight loss success is one of the most inspirtational reads if you are looking to lose weight yourself.

Here at RickRossWeightLoss.com we want to hightlight the achievements of the man who has worked hard to bring his weight back to a healthy level. Here you will find a wealth of information on the inspirational rapper as well as information on our own weight loss methods that have proved successful for hundreds of thousands of people like you and me across the globe.


In a world where we have more scientific knowledge of the importance of maintainging a healthy weight, we must use the science of healthy eating and exercise to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Staying healthy amidst the pressure of this modern world is not always easy which is why we want to help you leverage this unfair advantage by utlising our very own 3 week lose weight system.


It is important to note that Rick Ross does not endorse the products we promote…. nor has he used the products that we promote. He is simply an inspiration to all of us to lead healthier, happier lives.

The Rick Ross Story

“It could only happen to a rapper” is the sort of statement that might follow on from the extracts taken from the biography of Rick Ross, from drive by shootings to seizures induced by a lack of sleep, Rick Ross is known for many things. After his rap albums, Ross is now also pretty infamous because of the insane amount of weight he has lost. Some reports state that the Rapper from Alabama has lost in excess of 100 pounds and with the most reports tending to agree that he has lost at least 75 pounds there is no doubting that the man has lost a substantial amount of weight.


It was reportedly 2 seizures back in 2011 that prompted Rick Ross to take action as he was admitted to hospital following 2 black outs in the space of 6 hours. Although doctors told the rapper he was healthy, he decided to take action to create a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Rick Ross took the decision to tackle his problem with a slow and steady approach. Reports of him sleeping for less than 3 hours per night and eating giant steaks at 4am were just part of the problem. Much of Ross’ weight loss success came from taking small lifestyle changes and implementing a slow and steady approach to losing weight.


He admits that prior to taking the decision to lose weight the only form of exercise he took was to stand up to count his cash. He also admitted to overeating and having no real regard for his weight. Whilst the weight loss that he has now enjoyed has been well documented there is little to explain how he did it.

How Rick Ross Lost Weight

Rick has said that he didn’t go from his old crazy eating and exercise (or lack of it) habits overnight. In fact, quite sensibly he decided not to cut absolutely everything out in one go as he knew he would just bounce straight back to his old habits – like so man yo-yo dieters do each year. But he did start to sleep more, eat less and exercise using Cross Fit which he cleverly coined ‘Ross Fit’.

His success is surprising because of the amount he had to lose. Let’s be honest, it is easy to be overwhelmed by things of this nature and I guess that’s where so many of us fall flat on our faces when it comes to losing weight.

What About Our Program?

Our own weight loss program follows a similar patter to that of Rick Ross’ story.

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The 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet

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